Best English Pointer Pet Insurance of 2022

Lisa Scott

If you have an English Pointer, chances are they’ve already become a loved member of your family. Keep them healthy and safe by considering quality pet insurance for expensive vet bills. We’ve looked at the top choices for coverage, discounts, reimbursements, and overall quality.

Extensive coverage to help keep your pet healthy


Coverage Up To


Reimbursement Rates


Pumpkin offers high-quality pet insurance plans for cats and dogs as well as an optional non-insurance preventive care plan for vaccinations, key tests and wellness exams, which will help to keep your pet happy and healthy through their life. You can travel with your pet in Canada or the US and can get access from any licensed vet in these countries. The platform is entirely digitized and serves as a one-stop-shop for all your pet's healthcare needs.

Pumpkin will cover up to $20,000 for dogs and $15,000 for cats annually.

What we like

  • Extensive coverage on multiple health issues
  • Optional preventive care plan that reimburses in full for annual wellness exams and vaccines
  • No exclusion on breeds or older pets
  • Offers a Fur Family Discount on multiple pets
  • Healthcare coverage in Canada and the US

What we don't

  • Pre-existing health conditions not covered
  • Pumpkin only covers dogs and cats

Pumpkin Advertiser Disclosure: Pumpkin Pet Insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For full terms, visit Products, discounts, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (“Pumpkin”) (NPN #19084749) is a licensed insurance agency, not an insurer. Insurance is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, a Crum & Forster Company (NAIC #21113, Morristown, NJ) and produced by Pumpkin. Pumpkin Preventive Essentials is not an insurance policy. It is offered as an optional add-on non-insurance benefit. Pumpkin is responsible for the product and administration. Pumpkin Preventive Essentials is not available in all states. For full terms, visit Paid Endorsement.

Short waiting periods on accidental coverage


Coverage Up To

70% - 100%

Reimbursement Rates


MetLife Insurance offers pet insurance for cats and dogs and is known for the shortest waiting periods in the industry.

What we like

  • No restriction on breeds and pet age
  • Customizable annual benefit limits
  • Short waiting periods accidental coverage
  • Flexible deductibles from $50 to $2,000
  • No incident limits

What we don't

  • Wellness treatment not included (optional add-on)
  • Pay first out of pocket and reimbursed later

Affordable prices with a fast reimbursement process


Coverage Up To

70% - 90%

Reimbursement Rates


Lemonade has earned a stellar reputation in the pet insurance industry with its affordable monthly premiums and fast reimbursement of claims with its AI technology. This technology has attracted thousands with its customizable policies and provides comprehensive coverage on illness and accidents to dogs and cats.

What we like

  • Customizable plans so you only pay for coverage that your pet needs
  • Claims are reimbursed in minutes
  • Affordable monthly premiums starting at $10/month
  • Comprehensive wellness plans to keep your pet in good health
  • Pay deductible once per year and not per incident

What we don't

  • Lemonade is only available in 33 states
  • Certain hybrid breeds may be denied

Pre-existing conditions and 6 pets covered for $24/m


Coverage Up To


Reimbursement Rates


Pawp offers pet owners an emergency fund up to but not exceeding $3,000 annually. The platform is different from other traditional pet insurance agencies as it does not require you to provide a medical examination report before enrolling your pet. Whether your pet is healthy or has been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition, you can still enroll it and access the emergency fund when the need arises.

With no deductibles and low monthly premiums as low as $24, the digital platform will protect your furry friend during an incident and save money from large vet expenses. Although the agency does not provide any limitations on age, it is best to insure your pet while still young and be prepared in advance when an emergency occurs.

What we like

  • Monthly premiums as low as $24
  • Allows coverage on 6 pets for $24 a month
  • Allows enrollment of pets with pre-existing conditions
  • 24/7 unlimited access to Pawp’s virtual vet doctors

What we don't

  • Coverage is restricted to healthcare emergencies only
  • Does not offer wellness coverage
  • Emergency funds can be accessed only once per year

Is pet insurance worth it for a English Pointer?

An English pointer has a relatively long life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. This means that your dog may be more susceptible to health issues as they get older.

Surgery can be expensive for any pet, but even more so for a large breed like the English Pointer. This breed is prone to a few conditions that may require surgery, including hip dysplasia and gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). This painful condition requires immediate surgery to save the dog’s life, and these treatments can cost thousands of dollars.

Pet insurance can provide peace of mind that your dog can be covered for the necessary treatments when it has an accident, injury, or illness.

Common health conditions for a English Pointer

Some of the health conditions most commonly seen in an English Pointer are:

  • Hip dysplasia: Common in many large breed dogs, this inherited condition causes the thigh bone to fit poorly into the hip joint. This may cause lameness or arthritis as the dog ages.
  • Elbow dysplasia: This inherited condition affects the growth of cartilage in the elbow, resulting in arthritis in that joint.
  • Eye disorders: Some eye disorders that are common include progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), glaucoma, and cataracts. PRA causes gradual vision loss. Glaucoma increases pressure within the eyeball, and cataracts cause opacity of the lens in the eye, resulting in blindness if not treated surgically.
  • Thyroid problems: The English Pointer may have problems with hypothyroidism, a deficiency of thyroid hormone that results in weight gain and lethargy, among other symptoms.
  • Obesity: Overfeeding any dog is not a good idea as it can shorten their life expectancy, but some dog breeds are more prone to obesity than others, and you’ll need to be particularly careful about what you are feeding your English Pointer to keep them at a healthy weight
  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a common brain disorder that causes repeated seizures. It’s not uncommon for multiple members of the same litter to develop epilepsy. There isn’t any way to prevent it, and treatment involves drugs to control the seizures.
  • Cancer: Like all dogs, the English Pointer is susceptible to cancer, particularly lymphosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and mast cell tumors. While these tumors can affect many breeds, research has found that the English Pointer is more likely than other breeds to develop them.

What does pet insurance cover for a English Pointer?

Here’s what pet insurance generally covers:

  • Illnesses: Pet insurance covers treatment for common ailments like ear infections, eye problems, and severe or chronic conditions like cancer and diabetes.
  • Routine care: it covers vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, dental cleanings, and more. This is usually an add-on to the standard plan.
  • Accidents: If your pet is injured in an accident, pet insurance will help cover the cost of treatment.
  • Accidents and injuries: These plans cover accidents, injuries, illness, lacerations, bites, foreign body ingestion, and more.

Just keep to note that pre-existing conditions are generally not covered by pet insurance companies. This means if your pet has a health issue prior to enrolling, it may not be covered.

How are pet insurance premiums determined for a English Pointer?

Here are the factors that affect English Pointer insurance premiums:

  • Age: The older your pet gets, the more likely it will develop health problems and the more expensive it will be for you to pay for treatment.
  • Gender: Males tend to be more aggressive then females, so you’ll pay a higher premium for a male dog.
  • Deductible: A deductible is an amount you pay before your policy begins to cover a claim. If you choose a lower deductible, you’ll pay a higher premium.
  • Location: Some states have higher medical costs than others. If you live in a state with high veterinarian costs, it will cost more to insure your pet. Vets tend to charge more in urban cities for treatment than vets in rural areas.

How to choose the best pet insurance plan for a English Pointer

Here are some tips on how to choose the best pet insurance plan for your English Pointer: 

  • Consider Your Budget: Pet insurance can be expensive, so you’ll need to figure out early on how much you can afford to pay each month.
  • Check out the company’s reputation: Speak with other people that have the plan. One great source is your vet. See how your vet has expierenced that specific insurance provider.
  • Consider pre-existing conditions: Some plans won’t cover pre-existing conditions, which means that if your dog has a chronic illness or ongoing condition diagnosed before the policy began, it wouldn’t be covered.
  • Define your needs: Before you even begin shopping for pet insurance, take a step back and consider your pet’s needs. Is your dog getting older? Do you need to cover more than just accidents and illnesses? These answers will help you narrow down the best pet insurance plan for your English Pointer.