Spott Business Insurance Review 2024: Tailored eCommerce Insurance

Bryan Keith

Spott is the first ever digital insurance platform designed exclusively for eCommerce merchants. Spott offers smart financial products that enable Amazon sellers to fast track growth, manage risk, and achieve financial stability in three different ways: Product Liability Insurance, Inventory Financing & Store Suspension Coverage. 

Overall rating


Summary: If you’re an Amazon seller, you can receive a customized solution that fit’s your business model from Spott. Also, they stay up to date about Amazon’s rules and policies, so you’re covered even if you gloss over the fine print.

Spott Business Insurance

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Coverage Up To

$0 - $5,000




Policy Application


Fees & Coverage Options


Industries Covered


Claim Support


Customer Service


Safe & Secure


  • A quick and seamless application process 
  • Knowledgeable about Amazon’s rules and policies 
  • Excellent customer support service 
  • Online insurance 
  • Flexible coverage options and payment plans 
  • Competitive rates


  • Limited physical offices 

Best For

  • Tailored eCommerce insurance 
  • Funding to scale business 
  • Liability insurance for Amazon sellers 
  • Store Suspension coverage 
  • Compares leading insurance carriers


HQTel Aviv, Israel
Annual CoverageUp to $1,000,000
Business RevenueDependent on coverage and carrier
Employee HeadcountDependent on coverage and carrier
Restricted StatesNot available in Alaska and Hawaii

In depth review of Spott Business Insurance 

Spott partners with leading insurance carriers to bring you tailored insurance policies that protect your business against the risk of financial loss. They provide competitive rates and flexible payment plans, so you can grow and scale your business with no upfront costs. 

Spott can help your business in three different ways: 

  • Liability Insurance: Covers your business for financial losses and limits your risk against liability and damages. It helps protect your business from claims that a product you have made or sold has caused damage.
  • Inventory Boost: Spott will purchase up to half of your inventory requirements so that you can keep pace with consumer demand. 
  • Suspension Coverage: Protects you against surprise suspensions. They also help Amazon sellers to reinstate their accounts and products in case of suspension. Listings are regularly reviewed to ensure that they conform to Amazon’s dynamic Terms and Conditions.

The company uses advanced technology to match your business requirements to insurance providers according to various risk factors and prices. With Spott, you’ll have the peace of mind needed to run a digital business that’s protected against commercial liability, so you can focus on maximizing profits. 

Spott is best for 

  • Tailored eCommerce insurance: Spott will ensure that your policy coverage is tailored to your business while complying with Amazon’s Terms and Conditions.  
  • Funding to scale business: If you’re looking to grow your business or meet increasing consumer demand, Spott will fund up to half of your inventory costs. 
  • Liability insurance for Amazon sellers: Working with Spott, you can protect your store against legal and financial risks.  
  • Listing Suspension coverage: Spott tracks changes to Amazon’s Terms and Conditions to identify potential issues with listings before a suspension.  
  • Compares leading insurance carriers: Spott provides competitive policy premiums from reputable carriers.  

Spott benefits  

  • Quick and seamless application process: You can set up an account and get a quote in 3 simple steps that involve connecting your eCommerce store, reviewing financing, viewing insurance recommendations, and selecting a financing or coverage option.  
  • Knowledgeable about Amazon’s rules and policies: Spott stays up to date about Amazon’s rules and policies so that you’re covered even if you gloss over the fine print.  
  • Excellent customer support service: Spott’s team is there to answer any questions you have and find the best liability protection for your business.  
  • Online insurance: You can manage your account online and receive instant coverage in just a few clicks.  
  • Flexible coverage options and payment plans: There are flexible coverage options to suit your business needs and payment plans to help you cover the cost of insurance.  
  • Competitive rates: Spott will search for the most competitive rates to help reduce the cost of your policy.  

Spott drawbacks  

  • Limited physical offices: There are offices in Tel-Aviv (Israel) and NYC. However, all customer support is available online. 

Policy application 


You can apply for a quote from Spott within minutes by providing some basic information and connecting your eCommerce store. The application can be completed online. To start the quote process, you’ll need to do the following: 

  • Provide Google, Amazon, or Facebook details 
  • Select the product you are interested in (Liability Insurance, Inventory Boost, or Suspension Coverage) 
  • Connect your store 

When purchasing liability insurance, Spott will gather relevant details from your eCommerce store that insurance carriers require. You’ll receive quotes from various insurers to match your business needs with relevant insurance products. You can select the policy and payment plan that best fits your business needs. 

Fees, coverage, and policies  


The primary coverage option available with Spott is eCommerce insurance. Fees and premiums will be dependent on the carrier that best fits your business needs and various risk factors. Annual coverage will typically include limits of at least $1 million, Amazon as an additional insured party, and international sales. 

Spott advises that all commercial liability policies are compliant with the Terms and Conditions imposed by Amazon.  

Factors that can impact the cost of insurance: 

  • Industry 
  • Size of business 
  • Deductibles  
  • Location 
  • Years in business 
  • Risk factors 
  • Coverage limits 
  • Claims history 

In addition to eCommerce insurance, Spott provides Suspension Coverage for online stores. Listing suspensions can negatively impact your bottom line. With Suspension Coverage, your listings will be automatically audited to ensure compliance with Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. 

If your business is faced with a suspension, Spott will take you through the appeal process and aim to have your listing back as soon as possible.  

Finally, eCommerce stores looking to expand can benefit from Inventory Boost where Spott will fund up to 50% of your inventory needs. This can help free up your cash flow and allocate your budget toward marketing and product research. There’s no interest charged, and you’ll pay back the money owed according to a percentage of your sales velocity.  

Industries covered 


Spott primarily offers liability insurance for eCommerce stores selling on Amazon. Types of eCommerce stores that may be covered are: 

  • Electronics 
  • Music 
  • Smart home 
  • Arts & crafts 
  • Baby 
  • Beauty and personal care 
  • Fashion 
  • Home and kitchen 
  • Pet supplies 
  • Video games 
  • Home improvement 

Claim support 


If your store is targeted by a surprise suspension or delisting of a product, Spott will take care of your appeal process and ensure that downtime is minimized. Plus, Spott will continuously share advanced financing and coverage options that will keep your eCommerce store covered when changes to policies are made. 

Customer service 


Spott strives to provide assistance and support every step of the way. To get in touch with Spott’s customer service team, you can fill out a form on the website or send an email to

Reviews on the website indicate the customer reps at Spott are professional, knowledgeable, and always on hand to answer any questions.  

Safe and secure  


As a new company, Spott has not yet been credited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). When taking out an insurance policy with Spott, it’s important to ensure that the provider you’re matched with has a strong rating and relevant industry experience.  

Is Spott Business Insurance right for you? 

Spott Business Insurance could be a great solution for your eCommerce store if you’re looking to protect your business against commercial liability and comply with the everchanging requirements of marketplaces such as Amazon. Plus, sellers are empowered to take control of their cash flow and boost sales through flexible funding provided by Spott.  

The application process is seamless, and as a leading provider of digital insurance, Spott partners with reputable insurance carriers that provide policies specifically designed for Amazon sellers at competitive prices.  

Overall, Spott provides you with a range of insurance providers that fit your needs. However, be mindful to read the terms and conditions of the policies before you take out insurance so that you fully understand the limits of the policy and exactly what you are covered for. This will help avoid any surprises if you make a claim.

Larger eCommerce stores could benefit from an umbrella policy where the insurer extends the coverage limits of the original policy. This can provide additional protection against liability and financial losses.