Sproutt Review 2024: Rewarding Healthy Lifestyle Choices With Affordable Life Insurance

Amanda Hester

Sproutt Life Insurance is an independent insurance broker that connects individuals with the best choice of insurance provider and policy for their unique needs based on a lifestyle evaluation.

Overall rating


Summary: You’ll be rewarded with better coverage and lower monthly premiums if you make healthy lifestyle choices.

Sproutt Life Insurance

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Coverage Up To

May Need

Medical Exam



Policy Application


Fees, Coverage & Policies




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Customer Service


Sae & Secure


  • No medical exam required
  • Evaluates policyholders based on overall health
  • Easy-to-use application platform


  • Poor health habits will count against you
  • May need to follow up with an agent for policy

Best For

  • People with healthy lifestyles or willing to improve their health
  • New families that are having kids
  • Individuals who engage in low-risk activities


HQ100 Pearl Street, 14th Floor, Hartford, CT 06103
PolicyTerm & Whole Life Insurance
Coverage$50,000 – $3,000,000
Term Length5 to 40 years
Medical ExamMay Need
Issue Age18 to 60
Restricted StatesAvailable in all states

In depth review on Sproutt

Sproutt Life Insurance bases their life insurance appraisals off of an individuals’ quality of life to connect them with an insurance provider and policy that works best for them. Using their Guided Artificial Intelligence Assessment (GAIA) platform, Sproutt evaluates individuals based on their movement, sleep, balance, nutrition, and emotional health to make an informed decision on life insurance coverage.

Once they’ve appraised your lifestyle and collected basic information on your age, gender and zip code, Sproutt provides a variety of options on monthly premiums and overall coverage. From here, Sproutt connects you with your optimal life insurance coverage plan that takes all your personal information into account. Using their intuitive tool, you can be confident your policy offer is the best match for your specific life insurance needs.

Sproutt is particularly advantageous for young individuals and families that are in good health. The platform rewards you for taking care of yourself, offering competitive policies and rates for long-term coverage. Applying through the platform is easy, you can go through their lifestyle evaluation and pay for your selected policy completely online, with no medical exam required.

Sproutt is best for

  • Younger individuals with healthy lifestyles: Sproutt evaluates individuals based on their lifestyle choices to determine their insurance quote. The healthier you are, the more competitive your rate will be. You’ll also be provided with a full report on personalized suggestions on lifestyle improvements (after answering their questionnaire), so you could get access to even better life insurance.
  • Young families: Young families who are looking to get their life insurance coverage started can benefit from Sproutt’s lifestyle evaluation to get a competitive rate. Because of the way Sproutt analyzes individuals, young families benefit by getting long-term rates early and securing lower monthly payments.
  • Low-risk individuals: Sproutt also determines coverage options based on how risky your activities are, including your likelihood to travel to different countries, engage in skydiving, and other activities Sproutt considers “risky”. The less risky your activities are determined to be, the better rate you will get for your monthly plan.

Sproutt benefits

  • No medical exam required: Users can get their rate without having to undergo a medical examination.
  • Comprehensive evaluation: Quality of life evaluation determines rates from a holistic view of each individual, offering you a tailored plan.
  • Convenient platform: The intuitive online platform makes it easy to assemble your quote.

Sproutt drawbacks

  • Healthy is key: If you are a smoker, or do not lead a conventionally healthy lifestyle, you will end up paying more.
  • May have to contact an agent: If you are looking for insurance beyond term life coverage, you will have to call Sproutt.

Factors contributing to the overall rating

Policy application


Sproutt takes you through a questionnaire regarding your eating habits, whether or not you smoke, how often you work out, and more to get a gauge on your lifestyle as a whole. Combining this with your age, gender and location, Sproutt does the work for you and evaluates various insurance policies and providers to come up with the best coverage plan for you.

You can complete your full evaluation online for term life insurance, but for whole life insurance coverage, you will need to contact an agent.

Fees, coverage, and policies


Sproutt offers term and whole insurance options. Depending on your lifestyle appraisal, age, and gender, you can expect to be offered different monthly fees (rates start at $9 a month). Its policy matching service is completely free to use – you will not be charged for your quality of life evaluation, and the only time you will need to pay is if you select your matched policy.

Each policy is available in increments of 5 years, starting at 5 years and capping at 40 total. You are able to apply for coverage between $50,000 and $3,000,000. From their initial review, Sproutt will offer three options: Basic, Just Right, and Extended, where you can choose between coverage amount and monthly payments. Once you have gotten your initial estimates based on your quality of life rating, you can adjust your coverage options to customize what you are looking for. From there, Sproutt will ask you more in-depth questions, and then share the rate available for your choices.

Sproutt provides quotes for several types of individuals – the platform reasonably strives to cover as many individuals as possible. Your age, overall health, lifestyle, and activities will contribute largely to the plan offered. If you are closer to 60 years old, or lead a lifestyle Sproutt consider’s “unhealthy” you can expect to pay a significant monthly payment for coverage – depending on your specific responses to their quality of life assessment. 

Because of Sproutt’s affiliation with multiple insurance companies, there are no discounts available for the policies offered. You can expect to pay the same price for your life insurance policy regardless of whether you purchase through Sproutt or through the provider.



Depending on the insurance policy and provider you are matched with, Sproutt has the following riders available in some of their policy matches:

Accelerated death benefit riderAvailable
Accidental death benefit riderAvailable
Child riderAvailable
Critical Illness riderAvailable
Cost of living adjustment (COLA) riderN/A
Disability income riderN/A
Guaranteed insurability riderAvailable
Long-term care (LTC) riderAvailable
Return of premium (ROP) riderAvailable
Term conversion riderN/A
Waiver of premium riderAvailable

Claim support


Sproutt does not collect claims itself. Instead, you will have to review the claim submission and support policies of your chosen insurance provider. Each of these providers differ in what is required to submit a claim, though most require a proof of loss for the policyholder who has passed away.

Customer service


If you have any concerns, or you would just like to speak to an agent, Sproutt has insurance advisors available to contact immediately. The platform also takes your mobile phone number and email to follow up with you on your policy purchase if needed.

At their forefront, Sproutt is focused on the wellbeing of their customers, and often share useful information related to leading healthier lifestyles that will in turn positively impact your monthly life insurance rate. As you are working towards your personalized insurance plan, Sproutt has excellent customer service and is a highly safe platform that you can trust with your life insurance needs.

Safe and secure


Sproutt has strong relations with trustworthy insurance providers. They only partner with providers and policies that are reputable and have solid financial stability. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has also earned a McAfee SECURE Certification. It is a reputable and safe insurance business that will protect your sensitive information.

Is Sproutt right for you?

Sproutt is a great insurance platform that removes the guesswork when it comes to deciding on an insurance policy that’s right for you. Taking your health, lifestyle, and activities into account, the organization matches you with appropriate, reasonable coverage for your life insurance. The company rewards you for your healthy lifestyle, providing you with the most optimal rates and coverage options for your healthy habits and wellbeing.