Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance of 2023

Amanda Hester

Getting life insurance has traditionally been a long process, which requires you to get a medical exam to qualify. However, many insurance companies offer no medical exam life insurance policies that you can apply for online. We reviewed and compared the top life insurance companies based on policy pricing, available options, customer support, financial strength, and overall quality.

Affordable term life Insurance coverage


Coverage Up To

No (up to $3M)

Medical Exam


With Ladder, you can customize your insurance coverage depending on your unique needs throughout your term. You can remove coverage when necessary and apply to add more. Rates start from $4.95/month based on a 20-year-old female for a 10-year term, preferred plus health class.

What we like

  • Flexibility to adjust coverage throughout the term
  • Coverage you can manage online
  • No medical exam required for coverage up to $3M

What we don't

  • No riders are availabe
  • Coverage ends at 70 years of age

Complete your application online


Coverage Up To

May Need

Medical Exam


Haven Life simplifies the insurance application process to learn about your coverage options. There are two products: Haven Simple and Haven Term. Haven Simple requires no medical exam and has a lower coverage amount, and Haven Term may require a medical exam and has more options for coverage.

What we like

  • Healthy individuals will get cheaper premiums
  • 100% online application - no need to talk to an agent
  • Wide range of coverage options
  • Haven Term has various riders
  • No medical exam for Haven Simple

What we don't

  • Only offers term life insurance
  • Only selected regions are eligible for riders

Is no medical exam life insurance worth it?

Life insurance is meant to act as a safety net for your loved ones in case something ever happens to you. A small contribution every month can protect your family from any outstanding debt and provide them with enough funds to cover their day-to-day expenses in your absence.

If your policy is never used, the premium you pay may look like a waste of money. In case it does get used, the financial compensation may do very little to help with the loss of a loved one. However, you must understand that a life insurance policy is a way to ensure that your dependents are financially protected if something happens to you.

How does no medical exam life insurance work?

No medical exam life insurance does not require you to undergo a medical exam to qualify for coverage. There are mainly two types of no medical life insurance:

  • Simplified issue life insurance: this type of life insurance will not need you to get a medical exam but you need to answer a questionnaire regarding your health. You must disclose all pre-existing conditions you may have. If you provide any false information and something happens to you, it will most likely result in the benefits being withheld. You can buy this insurance as a term or whole life policy.
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance: this life insurance does not require you to take a medical exam or answer a medical questionnaire. However, you receive limited coverage which is much lower than other types of life insurance. In many cases, if you were to pass away during the first two years of your policy, your beneficiaries would only be given an amount equal to the payments made by you.

What does no medical exam life Insurance cover?

The coverage provided by no-medical exam life insurance is typically lower than a traditional policy that requires you to undergo a medical examination. Life insurance companies limit the amount of coverage they provide without a medical exam to protect themselves. However, your coverage will vary depending on the type of policy you get.

Most causes of death such as accidents, illnesses, etc. are covered by life insurance with certain exceptions. Many policies do not pay out a death benefit if the holder commits suicide within the first two years of the policy. Fraud or death while committing a crime may also result in denied claims

How is no medical exam life insurance cost determined?

The cost of no-medical exam life insurance will be determined by the type of policy you end up buying. A no-medical term policy may be comparable to a medically underwritten policy in terms of costs. However, no medical whole life insurance would be much more costly.

Your monthly premium for your life insurance plan would depend on factors like your age and your health. As you get older your insurance company may increase your premiums. Someone who has medical complications that put them at risk may also have a higher premium. Your insurance costs will vary depending on your circumstances.

When to get no medical exam life insurance?

No medical exam life insurance typically has a higher premium and lower coverage in comparison to a policy that requires a medical exam. Whether or not getting such a life insurance policy is a good idea for you will depend on your specific situation and needs. No-medical life insurance may be a good choice if:

  • You are a young and healthy individual.
  • You require the coverage quickly and don’t have the time to go through the process of getting a medical examination.
  • You don’t qualify for traditional life insurance but are not at high risk.
  • You are approaching the end of your life and just want coverage for your final expenses.

How to choose the best no medical exam life insurance?

The perfect life insurance policy will vary from person to person and choosing one that fits your needs can be difficult. You can consider the following factors when making this decision:

  • Your age and health: your age and health condition plays a big role in determining your premium.
  • Client reviews: when you are in the market for a no-medical life insurance policy, it is good to look at client reviews for different insurance companies. This will give you some insight into the quality of the services and value for money they provide.
  • Insurance policy type: you must recognize your needs and circumstances to pick the policy type that works best for you.
  • Company reputation: consider a company with a good reputation and trusted client base to ensure you receive the best service 20 to 30 years down the line.