Best Life Insurance in Idaho of 2024

Amanda Hester

Even though Idaho has one of the greatest life expectancy rates in the country, you will still need life insurance to guarantee that your family is taken care of after you die.

You may select from a range of life insurance policies in Idaho. This article can help you find the best life insurance to provide the most financial advantage for your dependents. 

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What is the cost of life insurance in Idaho?

The cost of life insurance in Idaho is around $50 per month, and it may largely vary depending on the coverage amount, among other factors. A higher coverage amount will typically mean higher premium costs than a lower coverage amount. 

Also, the cost of life insurance may vary from one company to another. Like in most states, the government does not influence life insurance costs in Idaho. Also, term life insurance is generally less expensive than whole life insurance, as seen in other states. 

How are life insurance rates determined in Idaho?

When you want to get life insurance coverage in Idaho, the insurer will consider your age, gender, and health status, among other factors.

Here are the main factors to be considered when determining your life insurance rate in Idaho:


Life insurance in Idaho is cheaper for young people than for seniors. Basically, the higher the life expectancy, the lower the premium rates, and vice-versa.


Another primary determinant of life insurance cost in Idaho is gender. The gender with a higher expectancy rate, which is women, in this case, is likely to pay lesser premiums than men.

Health history

Some insurance companies will check your health history to determine how much you will pay for your life insurance. The history of illnesses could mean that you will pay more premiums. However, some companies do not require a medical exam.

Smoking history

Smoking can increase the cost of life insurance rates in Idaho since it can lead to severe illnesses. This means that a smoker will pay more for coverage than a non-smoker for the same range.

Risky activities

Risky activities like skydiving can also add to your life insurance premiums. This is also true if you work in a high-risk sector like law enforcement agencies or the military. Your insurance rate is also likely to go up if you have a bad driving record. 

Term length and the coverage amount

When buying term life insurance, the longer the coverage period, the more expensive the plan will be. However, you may even be able to save money over time by getting lifelong insurance coverage.

The kind of protection you choose will also impact your policy’s price. The more coverage you need, without a doubt, the more costly your insurance plan will be.

Difference between term and whole life insurance in Idaho

Before you purchase life insurance, it would help to understand the types of life insurance policies available. There are plenty of insurance plans offered in Idaho, but they are often broken down into two categories: term insurance plans and whole life insurance plans. These two plans vary in their costs and grow and payout differently.

Term insurance

This is a cheaper option and ideal if you want shorter coverage. It is often programmed to give coverage from 10 to 30 years.

The policy then expires after the given timeframe. Term life insurance is frequently the most basic and least expensive type of life insurance offered since it does not accumulate any financial value. 

Whole life insurance

This permanent policy remains and pays out after you pass away. The premiums are the same, and it pays out a fixed sum regardless of when the person dies, as long as the entire premium is paid. Furthermore, the death benefit from a whole life insurance payout stays constant and unaffected by a person’s age.

What does life insurance cover?

Buying life insurance is worth it, especially if you are the breadwinner of the family and have dependents to support. If any unwanted incident happens or you lose your life, a life insurance policy will take care of your family and meet their financial needs.

Some of the things covered in a life policy include:

  • Debts
  • Funeral expenses
  • Unpaid bills
  • Mortgage
  • College tuition

If you want your dependents to get more financial assistance after your demise, you should opt for long-term life insurance. The insurer will also help you select the best amount of coverage based on your family’s needs and expectations. 

Generally, the goal of this type of coverage is to help ensure that your family’s health and other daily needs are met in the case of your passing. It will replace the lost income for the remainder of their life. Once your beneficiary obtains funds from the life insurance company, they may use it as they please to live a comfortable life.

How to choose the best life insurance plan in Idaho?

The best way to acquire life insurance is to choose one that meets your family’s needs. However, you must check that the cost still falls within your budget.

Type of policy

There are different types of policies available, and each one has its pros and cons. A whole life insurance coverage is most suitable if you want prolonged financial security for your family. In contrast, a term policy will come in handy if you are looking for a cost-effective solution.

Policy size

Identifying the right policy size is crucial for your financial planning. You need to carefully access your family’s needs and expenses to help you select the insurance that fits your requirements. A good tip is to find a policy whose premium price does not exceed your family’s total monthly living costs.

Policy length

Something else that you should consider when finding the best life insurance is the policy length. Different policies have varying term life policies, and the best one for your needs will depend on your needs and budgetary requirements. 

Generally, the longer the policy, the higher the life insurance premiums. On the other hand, shorter-term lengths have cheaper life insurance premiums.