Ladder Review 2022: Flexible Life Insurance Coverage

Amanda Hester

Ladder offers term life insurance coverage that can be “laddered” – giving you the opportunity to apply for or remove coverage as needed. All these adjustments are accessible completely online, allowing for ultimate flexibility. What’s more, Ladder takes a unique approach to insurance coverage throughout your life.

Overall rating


Summary: Ladder Life allows you to customize your insurance coverage throughout the term depending on your unique needs.

Ladder Life Insurance

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Coverage Up To

No (up to $3M)

Medical Exam



Policy Application


Fees, Coverage & Policies




Claim Support


Customer Service


Sae & Secure


  • Individuals who want to manage their insurance online
  • No medical exam needed for up to $3M in coverage
  • Completely online application


  • No riders available
  • Coverage ends at 70 years old

Best For

  • Young families with children
  • Flexibility to adjust coverage


HQPO Box 456, Menlo Park, CA 94026
PolicyTerm life insurance
Coverage$100,000 – $8,000,000
Term Length10 – 30 years in 5 year increments
Medical ExamNot required for coverage up to $3M
Issue Age20 to 60
Restricted StatesAvailable in all states

In depth review on Ladder

Ladder gives policyholders the ultimate flexibility and convenience when it comes to their unique life insurance policies they offer. Through Ladder, you can apply for coverage completely online with no need to have a medical exam for coverage up to $3M, just some questions about your health will need to be answered as part of the online application. After using your medical data and personal information to determine your eligibility and monthly premium, you will be able to choose your coverage options and term lengths.

Different from most providers, Ladder allows for flexibility throughout the entirety of your coverage term. If you are looking to reduce your coverage and premium, you are able to do so immediately without having to contact an agent. You can also apply to increase your coverage. Using their intuitive online platform, you are able to adjust your coverage options when you need to. 

Ladder is best for

  • Young families: If you are preparing to pay for a child’s college, for example, you can apply to increase your coverage. Once they’ve graduated, you may want to scale back your coverage.
  • Flexibility to adjust coverage: With Ladder, you can customize your insurance coverage depending on your unique needs throughout your term. You can remove coverage when necessary and apply to add more.

Ladder benefits

  • Individuals who want to manage their insurance online: Ladder gives you the opportunity to apply for coverage and adjust it whenever you need to, completely online.
  • No medical exam required: Those who want to apply for coverage through Ladder are not required to undergo a medical exam for coverage up to $3M.
  • Completely online application: Users can apply online without the help of an agent – however, they have a phone number and online chat available if you’d like to speak to one. 

Ladder drawbacks 

  • No riders available: If you are looking to add riders to extend your coverage in different areas, you will have to look elsewhere.
  • Coverage ends at 70 years old: Though Ladder offers term coverage for ages 20-60, the terms taper off for older individuals. Your age plus term length cannot exceed 70 years old. 

Policy application


Ladder allows you to apply completely online in a matter of minutes. By providing your health data and personal information, Ladder determines your eligibility for their coverage with no need for a medical exam for coverage up to $3M. After the application, users can find out if they are approved immediately and adjust their coverage and term length if needed.

If you are experiencing difficulty in your policy application processes, Ladder has agents available to answer your questions over the phone, online chat, or through email.

Fees, coverage, and policies


Ladder’s minimum premium for monthly coverage starts at $4.95/month, and is determined based on your age, gender, BMI, lifestyle and other health data. Ladder offers term life insurance only, allowing users to apply for coverage completely online. To get their quote, users must enter details related to their health and habits to determine the appropriate monthly premium for their desired coverage. Term policies range from 10-30 years, with 5 year increment term options for ages 20-60. 

Ladder offers coverage between $100,000-$8,000,000, a significant amount of coverage not often offered. Though Ladder only offers term insurance, and not permanent, you do have flexibility in your overall coverage options. Using their “ladder” offering, you have the ability to apply to add more coverage when you need it (if you have young children, just bought a house, or have the capacity to take on a larger monthly premium) and remove coverage when you don’t (if you receive a windfall or your child graduates college). This flexibility gives you more control with your unique coverage.



Ladder does not offer any riders. 

Claim support


To process a claim through Ladder, you will need to email their claims email address to notify them. From here, Ladder will provide you with forms to fill out in order to process your claim. On their website, Ladder has in-depth information related to how to best set up your life insurance policy to ensure any beneficiaries can receive payment as soon as possible. 

Once submitted, Ladder takes care of the rest of the process for you. The entire process is smooth and convenient, making it easy to process your claim quickly. 

Customer service


Ladder has a robust help center and informational articles related to coverage, policy types and general information related to life insurance and recommendations. Most times you will find the answer to your questions here, as well as advice to help you maximize your insurance coverage.

If you are not able to get your questions answered via their website, however, Ladder offers online and phone support to contact an agent with your specific inquiries. They are easy to access and speak with.

Safe and secure


Policies are issued by Fidelity Security Life Insurance® (rated excellent by AM Best), with the exception of New York customers who will be covered by Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York (rated superior by AM Best). For the latest rating, access Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

Is Ladder right for you?

Ladder is great for individuals looking for flexible, affordable life insurance policies. It makes it easy to apply to add and remove coverage at your convenience – throughout your term, you are able to adjust your policy as your life changes. This is particularly helpful for individuals looking to start families in the future, or those who have children that are nearing adulthood. 

Ladder Insurance Services, LLC (CA license # OK22568; AR license # 3000140372) distributes term life insurance products issued by multiple insurers – for further details see  All insurance products are governed by the terms set forth in the applicable insurance policy.  Each insurer has financial responsibility for its own products.