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There are a wide variety of travel credit cards with different types of interest rates, reward systems, and special perks. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate yours to determine if you are using the right card for your needs. If not, if it’s time to shop around for something better!

1. Foreign Transaction Fees

If you enjoy traveling abroad but have been paying foreign transaction fees, you are adding an average of 3% in unnecessary costs to your balance. 

There are some = useful cards out there that do not require any foreign transaction fees, and if you look hard enough, you can find a few that also offer a 0% annual fee as well.

2. Automatic Travel Protection

Purchasing travel insurance at the terminal can add up quickly. If this is a fee you find yourself paying often, it’s time for a change. Some credit cards offer basic travel insurance at no extra cost as a perk for using it. 

Several cards even offer primary insurance, which covers rental vehicles and incidents such as baggage issues, cancellations, and travel collisions or other accidents. 

Make sure you shop around for the best rates for the ultimate travel protection. 

3. Low Cash Back Rewards

Rewards cards can offer incredible benefits if you can handle the increased interest rates. And there are enough cards to provide competitive options for a prospective credit card user. Nowadays, if you are receiving less than 1.5% back on transactions, it’s time to consider other options.

If you’re savvy and perceptive, you may even be able to manage two or more cards in tandem. This way, you can earn perks and advantages at different percentages back for different categories of transactions. Soon, you’ll be maximizing your savings. 

4. You’re Not Earning Enough Perks, Especially at the Airport

Airport consumables are expensive! If you find yourself forking over the extra cash for these pricey meals and snacks while on the go and aren’t getting anything in return, it may be time for change.

Some cards offer priority passes which can bring those expensive foods to a more reasonable price. Some cards even provide as much as 25% discounts on in-flight purchases.

You can have these perks with a little bit of effort and research. 

5. No Rideshare Perks

Uber and Lyft can be convenient while traveling, but if your card doesn’t have built-in rewards or extra point bonuses, ditch it. 

Some modern cards provide hundreds of dollars in rideshare credits or point earnings based on dollars spent. This is especially useful if you’re always on the go.

6. TSA Precheck or Global Entry Out-of-Pocket Expenses

If you plan to use one of these programs, keep in mind that many cards offer rebates and some offer credits, which can cover the preliminary fees involved in the application process. 

7. Not Earning Perks for Staying at Hotels

Some reward cards offer great deals which can provide you with free nights. If a lot of your time is spent in hotels, you should be earning advantages from it. Compare cards to look for those that provide the best rewards for hotel stays. Also search for options that provide free nights on card anniversary packages. Every night you can get free counts. 

8. Travel Buddies

If you don’t like to travel alone, seek out a card that has offers for bringing a companion along. This will make it more likely you can bring your friends along for the adventure at an affordable price.

What’s Important?

Saving money and in order to save money, it’s time to analyze your current travel card and consider whether it’s right for you. There might be a card out there that will be more useful for your circumstances, and help reduce the fees you pay as you travel.

Keep in mind, even if your card works well for some of the situations on this list, you may be able to find a second card that can offer better rewards for different categories.

Manage your interest rates carefully, shop around for the best cards that suit your needs, and you may find that the extra effort makes a world of difference.

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