Toggle Renters Insurance Review 2023: Customizable Coverage At Affordable Rates

Charles Baisden

Toggle offers affordable renters insurance coverage that can suit almost every financial situation, including college students. Its base policy provides a blanket property coverage of $1,000 and liability coverage, but you can customize from there if you like.

Overall rating


Summary: Toggle’s customizable policies are an excellent alternative for individuals with fewer belongings or those looking for additional coverage on their main policy.

Toggle Renters Insurance

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Coverage Up To

$100 - $1,000




Policy Application


Fees & Coverage


Claim Support


Customer Service


Safe & Secure


  • Offers coverage for a significant other at no cost
  • Safe and secure
  • Option to build your credit
  • Customer rewards
  • Backed by Farmers Insurance


  • Limited to 26 States only
  • Only live chat is available 

Best For

  • Customizable policies
  • Coverage on the road
  • Coverage on a variety of items


HQWoodland Hills, CA
Rates From$5/month ($7/mo in GA & NJ)
Annual CoverageMin. $1,000 (personal property) & $100,000 liability, Up to $71,000 (personal property) & Max. $300,000 liability
Deductibles$100, $250, $500, or $1,000
Full Replacement ValueAvailable
State RestrictionsAvailable in 26 States

In depth Review on Toggle Renters Insurance

Toggle was founded by the Farmers Insurance Group, which has been offering insurance services for over 90 years. With vast experience in the insurance industry, you can have confidence in Toggle’s policy and receive coverage that provides value for your money.

Toggle Renters Insurance is best for

  • Customizable policies: You can customize the type of coverage and coverage amount on Toggle’s plans. 
  • Coverage on the road: Toggle coverage travels with you to every destination you wish to visit. If you lose your covered items while traveling, you are still covered, as long as you had the coverage toggled on. 
  • Coverage on a wide range of items: Toggle’s unique renters insurance focuses on the needs of modern consumers by providing customizable coverages for items such as a camera, laptop, smart watch, drone, etc.

Toggle Renters Insurance benefits

  • Offers coverage for a significant other: If you are married or living together in a relationship you can still include your partner on your Toggle policy for no extra charge. 
  • Safe and secure: The insurer offers a ‘Toggle On’ Identity Protector, which alerts you to potential identity thieves. A dedicated support staff is on standby to help secure your account further if you notice any suspicious activities on your account.
  • Helps to build your credit: The insurer offers a ‘Credit Lift’ feature that helps strengthen your financial background by building your credit when you make timely rent and utility payments.
  • Customer rewards: Toggle rewards its members by reducing deductibles for every year that passes without filing claims.  
  • Backed by Farmers Insurance: Toggle is backed by Farmers insurance group who has been in the insurance industry for over 80 years.

Toggle Renters Insurance drawbacks

  • Operates in 26 states only: Toggle is limited to specific US states. Potential policyholders from restricted states are unable to enjoy Toggle’s coverage benefits. Although Toggle plans to expand to new states in 2022. 
  • Does not provide a phone number: Policyholders cannot contact the support staff via phone as the insurer does not provide a telephone number except for a few select states. Service is currently handled by live chat representatives Monday through Saturday. Outbound calls are made as needed.

Factors contributing to the overall rating

Policy application


Purchasing Toggle’s coverage policy is straightforward. You can get started by simply entering your full name(s), address, and date of birth to sign up. The insurer ‘soft pulls’ your credit history and displays a quote instantly. You will be able to personalize your policy by selecting coverage limits and deductibles. 

Toggle’s policy can begin immediately. You must meet all the eligibility requirements, pay your monthly premium, and set up your account to start your policy. This happens in one simple step online after you are finished customizing your policy quote. The provider offers one-year coverage, which automatically renews upon expiration when the new premium is paid. A Toggle policyholder can toggle their coverages up, down, or off by logging into their account at any time.

Policyholders can also automatically email landlords proof of coverage when purchasing a policy, a common requirement when leasing a residence. If you provide Toggle the landlord’s email address when signing up, Toggle will take care of the rest. Like most other insurance providers, Toggle payments are made monthly, like a subscription. The platform does not accept annual payments made in full. 

Fees and coverage


Toggle is referred to as an all-risk insurer. It covers all events apart from the ones explicitly indicated in the policy. Like other insurance providers, Toggle renters insurance offers coverage for medical payment, liability, and loss of use. 

The provider offers three types of coverage. They include:

  • Basic Coverage
  • Standard Coverage
  • Premium Coverage

The insurer encourages clients to personalize their plans to suit their needs and financial situation. The basic renters’ policy offers liability coverage up to $100,000 and a blanket personal property coverage of $1,000. Toggle has a deductible of $1,000, but you can choose a deductible as low as $100 if you prefer. The table below shows how Toggle splits your coverage into six categories beyond the blanket coverage. 

Property CoveredToggle’s Basic PlanToggle’s Standard PlanToggle’s Premium Plan
Furniture & Appliances$0$4,000$6,000
Fashion & Jewelry$0$2,000$,3000
Creative & Maker$0$1,000$3,000

This renters insurance company allows you to select the amount that can suit your personal property needs. Your monthly premiums and total costs vary depending on the coverage you choose. An attractive feature about Toggle’s customizable insurance policy is that the provider allows you to purchase coverage for items you need. So, you do not have to pay for what you do not need. 

Another factor affecting your coverage cost is the type of endorsement you purchase. The following are some of the endorsements offered:

  • Temporary Living Expenses: For instance, if you cannot stay in your home for security reasons, this endorsement pays a certain amount to help you stay in a hotel. You can choose between $50, $100, and $150 daily. 
  • Replacement cost coverage: If you choose this option, your property’s depreciation is not deducted from your compensation.  
  • Credit Lift: The provider offers the Credit Lift endorsement through its partnership with RentTrack. This endorsement reports your timely rent and utility payments to credit monitoring agencies, including Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. 
  • Pet parent: This endorsement provides coverage for damages your pet may cause to other people or your landlord’s property (over your security deposit, up to $500). It also includes coverage for pet boarding ($500) and veterinary care ($500) that result from covered losses (not available in all states). 
  • Side hustle: Individuals who make below $25,000 annually from a second income are eligible for this endorsement. Side hustle can extend coverage to help protect your side gig income and equipment.
  • Identity protector: This endorsement allows credit monitoring agencies to notify you when they suspect your information is being hacked. It also helps prevent information theft by rolling out procedural paperwork for identity. 

Exclusions include

  • Destructive acts
  • Nuclear hazard
  • Intentional acts
  • Governmental action 
  • Mysterious disappearance

Claim support


Toggle’s digital platform is easy to navigate. Policyholders can file their claims online within minutes by providing the following details:

  • Email address 
  • Full name(s) 
  • Phone number
  • Policy number

The insurer also requires you to describe the incident. You may be required to upload photos and any supporting documents. Toggle compensates your claims via check or electronic money transfer. 

Customer support


Toggle has a dedicated customer support staff that will guide you through all your insurance needs, customize your policy and provide coverage solutions that meet your budget. The support is offered online to potential customers so that the shopping experience can be quick and easy.

You can contact the support staff by submitting your question through the digital platform or using the chat option. The support staff operates during the following hours:

  • Mon – Fri: 9 am to 12 am EST
  • Sat: 10 am to 9 pm EST. 

Safe and secure


Although Toggle is relatively new on the market, the insurance provider is owned by Farmers Insurance Group; a trustworthy household name in the industry. The platform also has an A+ rating from AM Best and Standard & Poor financial rating agencies. 

Toggle has a privacy policy that guides the insurer on information collection and sharing. Also, the provider utilizes an identity protector endorsement that helps you protect your information from falling into the wrong hands. 

Is Toggle Renters Insurance right for you? 

Toggle’s customizable and flexible coverages can be an excellent alternative for potential policyholders seeking an affordable plan that suits their budget. Since the policy travels with you to every destination, you do not have to worry about getting covered when traveling. This feature can help policyholders save hundreds of dollars. Toggle has also received a good rating from top financial rating agencies regarding its financial stability. The wide range of coverage options and flexibility can almost suit every policyholder.